Sunday, March 07, 2010

Belmont Club in the Top 100

(fm the BC thread "Shaken and Stirred")

The Belmont Club is one of the top 100 politics blogs

Concur, thank for the info. Congratulations to wretchard and my gratitude to all who volunteer to make this worth everyone's time and effort. Places like this are as fragile as a bubble in a stormy sea. So for that matter is life.

Any boy child adorned with the moniker “Galush Pennypacker” ...

You are correct. When did we become a nation of people so homogenized and conformist that all of our names sound like the random aliases used by background characters in cheap television shows? Maybe if the public was used to a little spice in their politicians then they wouldn't have gotten so excited over someone like BHO, who brought nothing to the table but an exotic name. Richard Milhouse Nixon had the most interesting middle name since John Quincy Adams but other than that and maybe Ulysses Grant or Millard Fillmore they sound like like a dull lot.

There was a time when names, even Anglo-Saxon names, had character. There was one member of The English Commonwealth Parliament before Cromwell took power who rejoiced in the name of Praise-God Barebone. Now that sounds like a name for a Calvinist to be reckoned with.

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