Friday, March 26, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"A Whole New World"

Holding the signing ceremony in Prague, the Czechs like the Poles having been betrayed by Obama, is a special bit of triumphalism on the part of the Russians. They should perform their duties as host with all the good will that Obama just showed to Netanyahu. They should pelt the motorcades with rotten eggs.

The plot of Frankenhiemer's Seven Days in May revolved around an ill conceived strategic weapons treaty. My guess is that Obama once saw it, smirked and then thought "I can pull it off."

Can this turkey get through the Senate? There are no longer Senators of the standing of Henry Cabot Lodge who faced down Wilson and stopped the Versailles Treaty. Obama is damaged goods but who will stop the train as it heads for the abyss?

If Obama is giving up the Trident ICBMs on the submarines then it is game set and match. Five of those boomers on patrol mean more than a thousand silo based missiles did. If that is true then my first reaction is that there is no limit to what I would expect any decent public servant to do to stop him. The wiki implies, and Obama as quoted in The Times states, that Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn are behind this. Even when I disagree with them on an issue I have always considered them responsible adults. Based on that I am going to have to go over this carefully to see what I might have missed.

The Times coverage also claims that the submarine based leg of the triad is not effected.

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