Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freedom Of and From Speech

(fm the BC thread "The Man in the Mirror")

There seems to be a limitation in Tocque. When I submit the troll it can evade the block by simply altering its name. The feature needs to be linked to the users IP, which will probably change with dynamic addressing, and the associated email address. It would give some pleasure to know that a purely disruptive and deliberately offensive person is reduced to shouting their vitriol at a screen but without being heard. The purely masturbatory nature of their personality is thereby made clear. The bad news is that they still get to consume bandwidth and tie up PJM's resources. Also the troll still shows in my email.

Today the Innertubes ran like molasses so that I thought that our creditors in Asia might have decided to repossess the two Dixie™ cups and a string.

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