Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Slaughter Solution

My first gut instinct is that the Republicans should announce in mass that no such maneuver will ever be deemed lawful and that they intend to expel any Member who claims in the well that a law exists that has not been passed under the Constitution and that they will pursue Impeachment for any Judge and Sedition charges against any Member who speaks for enforcing such a measure or person who attempts to enforce the same as an officer of the Executive. That could be analogous to Lenin's Order No. 1 from the Winter Palace.

Most Members now are assuming the Republicans will control at least one chamber next year and may come January 2013 be in a position similar to the of the Democrats a year ago. The far left are convinced that with Immigration Amnesty and $300 Billion plus in slush funds they can seize permanent control. That not only is something that many if not most Democrats do not support but it depends on a momentum and favorable external events that are not under their control. Put everyone on notice that actions have consequences and the apparatchiks will not touch it.

To pull this off may mean supporting, without controlling, a meeting of the Stupak & Lieberman Democrats. That may result in the Republicans needing to make some compromises to gain support that will be hard to swallow but needed for the good of the Republic.

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