Friday, March 05, 2010

Comment on PJM, Roger L. Simon:
"Wagon Circling" the Great Rahm Feud
at the Washington Post

Was Emanuel foolish enough to think that he and Axelrod had hired Obama? He played the role of Judas Goat well enough. Convincing a sufficient number of Jews and old Democrats that BHO had to be OK, despite all the warning signals. In Rahm the hard left ideologues and black race baiters had the perfect tool. Someone almost as unqualified as Obama is and as big a fantasist. This thuggish dance major with his concocted story about service in Israel, he cleaned brakes for a few days while stuck there during the 1991 Gulf War, was part of the Fannie Mae gravy train. At this point the Administration is going to Rahm through what it can in the expectation that any changes, to Health Care or Immigration or the Federal Courts, will entrench further allies for the radical project down the road. If Emanuel stays and takes orders from Valerie Jarrett like a good boy then he can get some candy too. If he quits there isn't going to be much for him to go home to.

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