Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday In the Park

Today was as perfect as it gets. Cherry blossoms are in bloom. So I took off from blogging about politics or religion and the job search and went into town. Spent to much money on food down in the Village and then walked up 5th Avenue, almost swimming through tourists and people in goofy hats or bunny ears, to the Park and cut across through the Ramble until I exited by the American Museum of Natural History. It had been some time since I had gone through the Ramble. Years ago it had a bad reputation. Today everything was perfect. The path went along the side of the Lake that was filled with rowboats and over the arched bridge and finally after a few twists led to the straight bridge out near Central Park West. The Park was filled with nice looking people, couples of all ages and kids and dogs. All of them, especially the dogs, looked happy. I stopped by Fairway to spend to much money again on the best blintzes and chicken pot pies you can get before taking the Electric Sewer, AKA the People's Urban Transit System (the PUTZ) home.

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