Monday, April 26, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:

For more on Father Pflegler read Tom Roser's blog and scroll back to older posts.

Obama's home in Hyde Park/Kenwood was always safe because the community always had an extra dozen police on duty. Fourteen or so years ago I was a civilian employee of the University's UCPD and we had 40 full time officers plus another forty mostly Chicago cops who worked overtime for us. The CPD assured me that while there was no way to legally get a handgun, cops offered to give me one but I declined, they encouraged everyone to get a shotgun.

About 30 years ago the City tried to hire MGEN Michael D Healy to design a security system for Cabrini Green based on the Strategic Hamlets policy in Vietnam. General Healy is a friend of mine. His wiki article is generally accurate. He quit the Chicago job when he realized he was being used.

At what point does illegal immigration, actively encouraged to achieve political goals, constitute an invasion? At what point does organized criminal activity rise to the point of rebellion? My proposal is for a "Civil Rebellion" statute that would allow a Federal or State Attorney General to petition subject to strict judicial oversight for a suspension of habeas corpus within a defined geographic area where there was reasonable cause to believe that a significant percentage (maybe over 15%) of the population were fugitives, illegal aliens, or parole violators. The question is whether the States can justify a resort to the Art. I sect. 10 language cited by Professor Reynolds by quoting Patrick Henry,
"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace.
The war is actually begun!"

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