Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get Cracking

(fm the BC thread "The Woods of Smolensk")

“oil shale reserves” are not natural gas reserves

The linked article in my original post talks of "shale gas" as a source for natural gas extractable with new cracking technologies. We are more used to talking of "oil shale" followed by liquification so your #217 is actually good. If the ability to extract gas economically from these formations has been reached then vast new energy sources will come online. These will sustain Western economies while even newer sources are developed. The important thing is that this repudiates the 40 year Socialist promoted "Limits to Growth" model that has been used to weaken the West. A rebirth of freedom from energy that is controlled by the Islamists or the SCO may be imminent. The Left wants to strangle that infant of opportunity in its cradle. Putin is attempting to cartelize natural gas production to restrict its availability and prolong reliance on declining petroleum reserves controlled by Russia and OPEC. We can expect a press by the SCO supported environmentalists - Greens against the new oil gas extraction efforts.

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