Monday, April 12, 2010

Comment on PJM, Ed Driscoll:
"Forget it Jake, It's Braziltown"

Lula da Silva is not a Utopian Socialist worshiping the Earth Mother. His role models are more Father figures like Stalin or Henry Ford. Lula's ambitions are close to those of the Bolsheviks who believed that "Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the entire country." The extraordinary ecological havoc wrecked by the real Socialists in power in the last hundred years is one of the great untold stories. If Cameron got in their way the real material collectivists would make him a permanent part of the dam.

Western elites take their invulnerability for granted. They believe they can run around denigrating those who created the tools they use and the those who nurture the wealth and power that enables them without risk. People like Cameron are like irresponsible children who think they can insult their parents and then call them when they get in trouble. Cameron is in a part of the world where an American Congressman walked into the world of Jonestown and was swallowed. The real 3rd World is not Disney.

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