Friday, April 16, 2010

Second Acts

(fm the BC thread "Out of the Box")

You would think they should be saying thank you
- Barack Obama

When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite
- Winston Churchill

Ultimately what may bring down Obama and the entire coalition of Pelosi, Emanuel, Reid, Franks, Schumer et al is just how rude they are. Occasional calculated invective can serve a purpose when used to rally your troops. It always has a cost. People can forgive many wrongs and injuries, just as a nation can make peace with another after a bitter war. The gratuitous insult sits deeper. It makes it impossible for old enemies to reconcile with you and it makes it impossible for erstwhile allies to fully trust your judgment.

Being a gentleman is not enough, just ask President McCain. Being vulgar though means that you never get to put down roots. Sooner or later the people will cast this lot off. What follows may be better or worse but those who rule by bribery and intimidation cannot conceal the contempt that they feel for all not subservient to them. Eventually even those who are will know that they and their Masters are united only in acting out of expediency. Six months after this lot is gone no one will admit to having known them. The down side for that is it makes them all the more tenacious in clinging to power.

The great American boy-men
- Earnest Hemingway, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

There are no second acts in American lives
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

For Barack Obama I doubt that there will be a second act.

Yes. “Nazi.” “Racist.” Who cares? Really?
I’m with Whiskey

Who cares? I care and I thank you both for unambiguously crawling out from under a rock and proclaiming yourselves for racism. I decline and I hope that the consensus on this blog is with me on this. If not I can depart. In the future however I shall not respond to your racist comments. I am just to damned fastidious to deal with it.

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