Friday, April 09, 2010

Proposed, the Post-Neocons

(fm the BC thread "The Ends and the Means")

(who described the origins and changing perception of Cynics)
Would you say that we need to push through the logic of our cynicism until it breaks through and becomes a new positivism?

Neocons were conservatives who had actually read Marx. At one time a familiarity with his works, as opposed to a college leftists mere display of them, was a way to spot a member of the only other group to have actually done so, the Intel Officer. We may now see the growth of a class of Post-Neocons, who have read Ayers.

Lux Luther,
(who offered the 'Reagan wanted to ban nukes' theme)
The Obama is channeling Reagan trope has been trotted out so clumsily, in an obvious coordinated campaign, and is so obviously insulting to both his memory and the audience, that it does not rise to the level of first order propaganda. It has the self satisfied odor of a college intern project aided by an address book of media contacts.

Papa Ray,
(who talks of tougher men and different bullets)
Are Republicans shooting blanks? That's not what she said!

Seriously we need some mechanism, which is all a party is and any new one would face the same problems, and we need an approach to organizing the response. Do you disagree with the substance of my formulation?

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