Friday, April 09, 2010

3 Bullets

(fm the BC thread "The Ends and the Means")

The first problem is with regard to the venom within the Democratic Party base that nurtured Obama. It isn't just the the Rev Wright and some nuts in the slums. The infection is systemic now. Cardinal George of Chicago is presiding over a Lifetime Achievement award for Wright's substitute, Fr. Michael Pfleger. Tom Roeser, formerly of Quaker Oats is covering this well.

The second problem is with regard to the threat to Israel. We seem to be generally agreed within parameters on the nature of the problem. Given the conditions faced by the Israelis, the reservoirs of hate in Europe and America, the forces pushing for irrationality, and the wild disconnect from reality that afflicts the American Jewish Community that I described above at #5, what can be done? Simply assuring ourselves that we know better or encouraging each other to stock up on yeast and heirloom seeds makes us no functionally different then the equivalent on the Left. Their outrage manifests itself in a zealous letter writing campaign and the purchase of a car that is less safe to drive, and probably environmentally more damaging to produce because it is made of plastic. They do at least manage to sell a car. What do we do?

Is anyone anywhere proposing a plan to walk the Jewish community back from the edge and reunite them with Israel? Right now the Israelis have a deeper connection with many American Protestants, because of the corrosive effects of the enmeshment in the Democratic Party that Jews have experienced. The situation is analogous to that of the Black community or radical feminists. They are so invested in the Democratic Party that they will excuse blatant threats to members of their own community or their overseas equivalents. Blacks completely ignore the deep racial bigotry of Arabs and the realities of the recent slave trade even as radical feminists excuse rape and abuse in the name of the Iranian revolution.

Perhaps if the Republicans could see how existential the threat to their own position is they could rally. If the Obama model becomes entrenched then the Republicans will end up like "Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang," one of the minor show parties tolerated in China.

What is needed is a strong response that will rally the voters to a total rejection of the Obama model. The Democrats seek to constantly raise numerous issues for three reasons;
1. to distract the Republicans who will end up chasing weeds,
2. to neutralize opposition by appealing over minor issues,
3. to entice the Republicans into a set up attack on a divisive issue.

My suggestion is to advance on three issues. This will allow both flexibility and focus while allowing them to reject efforts to pull the conversation into disrepiutable side issues. My suggestion for the three issues are;
1. the SCOTUS nomination to replace Justice Stevens,
2. the nuclear weapons treaty,
3. the Health Care bill.

The first is simply essential. If the Republicans concede it then it is only a matter of time until the Court is transformed. If they tie up another partisan hack nominee like Satomayor, as would be fully justified given how George Bush's judicial nominees were treated, then they could prevent any confirmation before the November election.

The second is the tool to deconstruct and repudiate the entire Obama foreign policy. Large parts of the Obama coalition, particularly Jews, Asians and traditional Labor, may be peeled off.

The third issue is the can opener for the domestic agenda. Never before has anything so unpopular and financially ruinous been rammed through so brazenly.

The Democrats have handed the Republicans a gun with three bullets in it. The Republicans should not be shooting blanks.

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