Thursday, April 08, 2010

Comment on Facebook, Michael Ledeen:
What is Barack Obama?

Bill Clinton may be really insane but having met his wife I can assure that he comes across as fully functional by comparison. Strangely enough though Bill Clinton's callous sociopathy, if that is what it is, kept him very other directed. As PJ O'Rourke said of politicians, they genuinely care about people the way fleas genuinely care about dogs.

Obama though gives every indication of not really giving a God damn about people. If he is really rejected, the treaty with the Russians rejected by the Senate and the SCOTUS torpedoing Health Care and an electoral meltdown combined with fashionistas declaring Michelle dowdy level of rejection, would Obama have a Queeg level meltdown? We don't know because he has never been tested.

He was only a pretend faculty member. He never even wrote a tenure piece or went through a real hiring process. America is just starting to get people like Obama but Europe has had them for decades, the permanent undergraduates. After 30 years they still hang around the universities on the government tab and get a run at the 19 year girls. Guess it all counts as part of the experience and now America is getting to conform to the world standard.

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