Friday, April 09, 2010

New Pajamas for Old

(fm the BC thread "Fly the friendly skies")

Peter Warner,
I would be willing to give them a break and continue plugging away, as long as we have the right to gripe. It is much harder to work on any system, not just a computer system, while it is actually being used. It is faster and cheaper to build a new structure than to renovate one while it has tenants.

There is some back-story to PJMs technical issues that the official history, if there is such a thing, does not cover. Originally Roger Simon in the LA basin put the idea for Pajamas together with a local iconoclastic blogger with demonstrated innovative technical skills. The expectation was that with the right technical guru PJM would redefine the blogging and new media experience and draw in traffic from across the political spectrum. Unfortunately that local tech wizard was Charles Johnson of LGF and he soon proved that he did not play well with others. PJM has done OK and has undergone a few shifts but never really broke out from the pack. If the engine could get a good overhaul then the results may be worthwhile. Getting there is an uncomfortable experience. For my nickel they were terribly remiss by not putting up a page in advance explaining what was planned and soliciting user input. Even an insincere offer to collect customer feedback makes a difference.

(who misses Bush)
Some Presidents look better in hindsight. Even most Republicans think better of Truman as a Chief Executive and policy crafter now then they did 50 or 60 years ago, and he was a fierce partisan. Bush will also look better over time. Some diminish in hindsight, Wilson certainly did. Eisenhower has not crashed in reputation but has not improved much IMHO in hindsight.

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