Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Big Squeeze

(fm the BC thread "Unthinking the unthinkable")

Annoy Mouse,
does Israel belong to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty?

No Israel does not.

My expectation is that the next theater in the war on Israel will be at the United Nations. The infamous Zionism = Racism resolution will possibly be revived. It may have been premature in 1975, although it served to test the boundaries. If you do a search the centrality of it is clear. 34 years ago Danial Moynihan would not let that stand. Even while Jimmy Carter was President the US fought back.

The Security Council could respond to a complaint that Israel's failure to enter into and comply with the NNPT is in itself a condition that could lead to a breach of the peace. Another approach would be a complaint that Israel by equipping its Mossad units with stolen or counterfeit passports has breached international law and created a threat to peace.

Really any approach will do since the aim is to establish a legal facade. Picture in your mind a corrupt cop in a film noir taking evidence from some hoodlum who is holding a smoking gun on how he was threatened by two harmless kids armed with heavy book bags and boy scout knives. One of the guys accused of hoisting his back pack provocatively is dead on the floor and the other stands there until the cop walks over and slaps handcuffs on him.

Once it is established by any procedure no matter how corrupt that Israel is in breach of the law then the Council can demand Israel comply and order a series of steps, such as withdrawal of diplomatic recognition by member states, suspension of Israel by the General Assembly, and ultimately blockade and even direct military action. As additional icing on the cake clever lawyers may read article 50 of the Charter and claim that resistance to Israel has imposed terrible costs on other states and that they need to be compensated through special contributions to be paid for Israel and those who supported her, that is by the United States.

This is just the latest chapter by those motivated by the oldest hatred. This war is older even than Islam. For the true Islamists however it remains an organizing principle. They will never stop spreading poison and conspiring to eliminate the Jews. That is the engine from which the rest of their sense of infinite grievance and entitlement flows. Recently on Michael Yon's Facebook thread, as I blogged here, an Islamist apologist defended the Somali pirates by claiming they were really victims defending their poor fishing grounds from capitalist and imperialist exploitation. He then compared them to the poor oppressed people of Gaza. I called him on it, just because it is good to do so, having pointed out the culture of piracy and aggression were built into Islam. The response was of course a stream of personal abuse. If decisively checked however they will adopt a more passive posture.

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