Thursday, April 08, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Fly the friendly skies"

Why do they charge more for a dead body than a live one.

Leg room.

One idea making a comeback are D-Day style rows facing each other.

Does this mean that we can get back to old fashioned stewardesses in military looking uniforms?

Retro fits with the Graham Greene Eric Ambler revival I predicted last thread at #127.
Shape up

Ship out!

The first flight attendants were nurses.

evil pundit,
Speaking of Seaplanes and the great days of air travel. The Marine Air Terminal at Laguardia Airport is worth a visit, it has a display on the airboats too.

Note: this was tossed into moderation at the BC. This is the second contribution to suffer that fate in two days. This is, given the content, unacceptable.

Jamie Irons,
(who as a medical student saved a passenger's life)
Now the cry for help would be, "Is there a lawyer in the house?"

The wiki notes that in the 1930s stewardesses were registered nurses.

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