Sunday, April 18, 2010

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away - Telegraph

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away - Telegraph

What is needed is some financial mechanism to control this. If there was a right in law for a citizen, whose increased tax and regulatory burdens make them a victim of a fraud, to sue the profiteers for damages then those who feed lies to the government and receive a benefit would be discouraged. Those exercising government authority while taking money from or channeling money to profiteers from the scam should be prosecuted for corruption. In America there is the Racketeering Influences and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute that allows pursuit of such conspiracies. Is there an equivalent in the UK?

Also linked at Theo Spark is this Telegraph story, "The secret war mission that inspired Goldfinger scene."

The last sentence, "He was good-looking, a cool womaniser, and in many ways an atypical spy" hurts. The awful truth, typical spies are none of those things.

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