Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Shanghaied

(fm the BC thread "The Woods of Smolensk" where it failed to post)

Two interesting tweets to consider together (edited);

1. Matthew Wilson 1913Intel
Poland gas find threatens Russia’s hold over EU

2. Matthew Wilson 1913Intel
China Turns Up the Heat

Conoco is negotiating to exploit shale reserves near Gdansk that increase the EU's potential gas reserves by 47% and China is systematically working to neutralize the US Navy's advantages that give America the ability to constrain China. Put these together and remember how eager our FSB shill is to promote distractions and uncertainty as to whether every provocation in Kyrgyzstan or Poland or elsewhere is due to Russia or China or some other agent. It is the Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO) and at this point advice to ignore evidence of a common threat from them is as disingenuous as assurances that the Shia of Iran would never cooperate with the Sunni of al Qeada. The SCO countries are working together to gather key resources under their control and to use that power to dominate all potential rivals. Those rivals are the Democracies of India, East Asia, Israel, Australia, the EU and the USA.

A disinformation ploy tends to follow a recognizable pattern. At first after the provocation the minder lays low, giving his targets a chance to vent and expend energy. During the initial response any appearance from him would only provoke a clearer response and he knows it. Then he appears speaking off topic and offering what seem like reasoned information on side topics, interspersed with caustic sounding observations about some targets that it might be assumed he would defend. This is done to establish credibility and regain a place in the conversation. Later he will propose alternative explanations and suggest that more information will come later, while denigrating any who have questioned his good faith. If challenged at this point the disinformation specialist will withdraw, protesting that he was not stating a fact but only offering more sources. This allows him to put down markers that can be returned to in the final stage where he can alternate, depending on the audience, between asserting that "as everyone knows" the Kremlin line is correct, and was even reported earlier, or that the truth is unknowable and therefor no response is possible.

#78, 81, 82. All may be as you say. The plane may have just crashed. It does happen. MC you are just yelling by posting that long irrelevant passage. Many of us have read accident reports. I can imagine what Grandpa Pettibone of NavAir would say about everyone involved. Putin and his allies have so poisoned the well that unless he really does go to extraordinary lengths to atone he is now guilty because he profits from the act.

Nato as a collective should formally insist on conducting the investigation, and demand full access to everything up to and including Putin's bathroom. For those who scream about McCain as a RINO, remember he had Putin pegged.

The post that did not post in (t)here has two links. One is about China building the capacity to neutralize the US Navy. The other is a link to a report that oil shale reserves discovered near Gdansk and contracted for by Conoco potentially increase EU reserves by 47%. Given that the Russians invaded Georgia to prevent a pipeline that would have circumvented their control over energy supplies to the EU it is no stretch to see them viewing the news of a Polish based natural gas & shale energy supply as an existential threat to Putin's plans.

If the Americans Europeans and the other Democracies became independent of both the Arab and the Russian energy yoke then they could revitalize their economies and societies. This would not only free them from the threat of authoritarian Russian or Islamic domination but also who make them a long term rival to China. Declining economies elsewhere mean that more resources are available for China.

That is why the SCO is a win win for both China and Russia, they both get something. Russia gets to dominate and exploit its near abroad plus the remnants of the EU while China gets to exploit resources in Africa and even Latin America, without competition. While China relied on an American economy healthy enough to finance China's growth through export industrialization that does not mean that China wants the Americans to stay prosperous.

The Chinese approach is mercantilism, not capitalism, mixed with Great Han nationalism to produce a new form of financial colonial fascism. They want to control resources and ship them to China. To achieve their goals the Chinese and the Russians have cooperated in encouraging the West to disarm and deindustrialize. There is very little ideological Bolshevism behind this and less Marxist utopianism but rather a willingness to use the tools inherited from the Communist movement to advance their interests. Legitimate scientific, moral and environmental interests in the West have been exploited, and regrettably compromised, to advance cynical, in the modern sense, interests.

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