Monday, April 12, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"I Want My MTV"

Historically there has been one out that a nation trapped into insolvency by an incompetent political class can attempt. It is the same relief mechanism that the unproductive Bedouin culture has used as an organizing principle for 1400 years. The solution is war. For England the conflict may be internalized with all of Britain coming to resemble Ulster during the Troubles. For America and the EU as a whole there may be a period of internal struggle but there is a greater risk that conflict will become externalized. This is for two reasons;
1. the greater residual capacities of America primarily and the EU
     compared to the UK make it possible to divert the conflict,
2. the smaller size and physical isolation of the UK make it less likely
     to get entangled with other failing nations.

With the forced repudiation of all promises, plans and contracts the legal, economic and social networks dissolve. Humanity reverts towards a Hobbessian state of the war of all against all balanced by an increase in tribal binding for protection. This will be a very illiberal future. The heirs of Susan Sontag will have a hard time finding a home for their transgressive sensibilities.

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