Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Woods of Smolensk"

The worst happens. The terrible ifs accumulate. Will people submit quietly or choose to go down fighting?

If the Polish people en masse demand the expulsion of Russian agents and if the people of the Czech Republic follow then maybe the wolves can be faced down. The deliberate and provocative humiliation of the Czechs that Putin engineered by holding his victory lap in Prague of all places should have brought out a million man mob. For the Poles, the Czechs, the Israelis, the Indians, the Columbians etc, there is no upside in submitting. There are agents of liberty and there are agents of slavery. For over a hundred years the left has expropriated the imagery and emotional content of freedom to advance the interests that represents the true oligarchs. We need to take the symbols back from them. Solidarity showed the way.

Which side are you on boys?

Three Questions;

1. Is it Standard Operating Procedure to use two aircraft in
     that situation?
1.b. Does Poland have a track record regarding the size of the
     party and transport?

2. Is there any evidence of a communication from the Russians
     requesting that the Poles use one aircraft for security or
     logistical reasons?

3. What happens if Poland declares the event an attack under
     the terms of the Nato Treaty?

If the Russians do not want this to be seen as a FSB coup de main then they must place the investigation in the hands of an international Warren Commission staffed by all their potential critics, the Poles, the Japanese, the Israelis, the United States FAA and other equivalents. They would have to give the investigators access that no Russian can conceive of. Put George Mitchell in charge of it, he has made a career out of jobs like this.

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