Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bibi Regrets

(fm the BC thread "Fly the friendly skies")

Three news items to consider;
1. US refuses visas to Israeli nuclear scientists,
2. Netanyahu declines to attend Obama's grand nuclear policy summit,
3. Israel distributes biochemical war protection kits.

Apparently Bibi figured out that he was to be guest of honor at a auto de fé and thought better of it. For those who feel that something very bad is going to happen within 200 days, this may be a signal that a switch has been thrown.

For those who feel that I sometimes get irascible or outside of my station in observing how we exercise our freedom of speech, my concern is not born of simple prudery but a consideration that real serious events may be happening. Extraneous noise in the system may obscure more than it aids communication. Tonight for no good reason that I can think of PJM's server decided to deliver an inflammatory comment from March 24th that was placed on a thread that has been dead for a week. When I got it I briefly was shocked and wondered why. 99% it is just another stupid computer glitch, and yet an untimely event like that could be used to justify an action by an authority and like the trains in 1914 events can begin to roll. So we all should balance the virtues of patience and prudence and clarity and precision and courage as things unfold.

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