Monday, April 05, 2010

Comment on Facebook, Michael Yon:
Pirates: We are paying for our lack of will.

hostis humani generis

Pirates are the common enemy of all humanity and should face execution. The US government should issue "letters of marque" as per the Constitution. Private contractors should be hired by the shipping lines or insurance companies to sail on merchant ships in pirate waters and protect the vessels. Modularized defensive systems could be designed that could be quickly placed on and removed from merchant ships in high risk waters. The Navy should destroy any pirate property, whether skiff, control boat, dock or weapon. The US government should announce that any property purchased with funds obtained from piracy is illegitimate and will be destroyed. That means that if a pirate spends money in a bar in Somalia we will destroy the bar. If they send the money home and their family puts a satellite receiver on their house or buys a car we will destroy the house or car. When there is no profit for the pirates then it will cease.

Piracy has flared up repeatedly in all cultures and at different times. There is a special problem with piracy from Islamic communities because the nature of Islam itself views all unbelievers as legitimate targets for exploitation. In effect the religion was founded and expanded through a series of piratical raids.

Just looked at "Adam Waite's" homepage. He is an insane troll. No reason for anyone to waste time on him or his arguments.

His homepage and the reflexive Gaza reference confirm it, Adam Waite is an Islamic concern troll. Israel should clean out Gaza. Start at the North end and squeeze the toothpaste from the tube. Every attack should result in the permanent loss of 0.1 km or 1/16th mile. If the people of Gaza, who combine the piratical legacy of Islam with casual brutality that has made Philistine a byword for uncivilized, refuse to live in peace with their neighbors then they should be removed. If they choose peace then they can have all the prosperity and other benefits of peace. If the defenders of the War of Infinite Grievance insist that there would be peace if only Israel wasn't there to provoke her neighbors I say that they lie and all that the neighbors of Israel need to give for peace is peace.

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