Monday, April 05, 2010

Gresham's Law and the Politics of Vampirism

(fm the BC thread "Stop me before I steal again")

jim Nicholas,
Thank you and I would like to assure you, gepaza, Papa Ray and others that I am a sailor and I know how to use the full of range of the English language when it is needed. The point is to do so in the right time place and for an effect. As someone once said some words need to be applied like artillery and not spread around like manure. DirtyBlueshirt has a point, to call something a Congress or accuse someone of behaving Congressionally may be considered "fighting words." Untimely invective serves the purpose of your enemy by rendering it harder to get people to listen. That leads people to further marginalize themselves by resorting to ever more confrontational terms. Invective when misused become a self perpetuating road to failure that spreads through the market. In a way it is a counterfeit of real communication. This could be a rhetorical example of the principle behind Gresham's Law or what I refer to below as "Vampirism."

Lamont Cranston,
I will FIRE THE SON-OF-A-BITCH who touches my benefits

Papa Ray is correct, your money is gone. The Left counts on people acting just as you do now. They want you to channel your outrage at being robbed into a dependence on them and support for them extracting more money from others. That is one of the true and great costs of Socialism. Not only does it spend resources inefficiently and politicize market decisions but it also corrupts people morally and turns everyone into an accomplice. You know that the correct thing to do is to refuse the money, the same way that Bobby Jindal and others wanted to refuse the Stimulus. Of course in the real world you have to survive in the conditions those politicians created so you need the money. When you take the money you create new victims. We all do, it is a form of political and economic Vampirism.

Your money went partly to government bureaucrats, good luck trying to get that back, and largely to people who are either dead or old and infirm. How to you propose to retrieve your money from them? You know that whether or not they were lied to when they created the system that they benefited from at your expense the people in there 60s and older are the ones who created this tax on the future as much as the voters of Birmingham Alabama did in supporting their politicians. Once you take the money you become part of the system and they will accuse you of any and all the crimes in the Left's lexicon, hypocrisy, bigotry, and greed, that they are themselves guilty of, if you want the gravy train to stop after you get a refund.

Correct, designed in the late 19th century and largely built during the early 20th.

Urban B has done an outstanding job explaining the facts in Alabama.

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