Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"At the Summit"

provide the guests with the kind of atmosphere they were used to at home

Do you suggest that we chain people to the walls?

If any foreign leader chooses to humiliate Obama his locking up the press is not going to hide the story. If a senior politician, excluding some senior Americans, does something it is because he wants to and if he wants the word to get out it will. After all we have been told they are more subtle nuanced and sophisticated than Americans.

If Medvedev wants to lean over and give Obama a wedgie he will and the story will get out. The last people to be informed however would be the Americans. After 40 years of worshiping the power of the free press that brought down Richard Nixon they cry now that the Masters they sold out to no longer need them. They are sunk below the level of publicity flacks, reducing national security to the standing of entertainment gossip as they chased The Sweet Smell of Success.

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