Monday, November 09, 2009

War Movies

(from the BC thread "Frame")

The movie used when I was at Navy OCS to illustrate the ideal officer was 12 O'Clock High. Interestingly Gregory Peck was one of the few people on the set who was not himself a veteran.

First impressions are so important.

Dave and geoffgo,
When I was at Chicago there was a man working for the university's Plant Department (not Botany but the campus engineering) whose license plate read "IA DRANG." We talked once, he was a fine gentleman.

buddy larsen,
The Chief of the Zulus in the film was the actual Chief Buthelezi who is the head of the Inkatha Freedom Party and a rival to the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela.

What makes me want to weep is knowing that the great-great grandchildren of the men of Roark's Drift portrayed in Zulu, the great-grandchildren of the men who endured at the Somme, the grandchildren of the men who came back from Dunkirk, have it in them to triumph over any threat and won't. They are throwing it all away.

Karen Yvonne,
I grew up reading Three Came Home. Decency is a matter of both inner values and outer action.

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