Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comments on the Belmont Club
"High Society"

If your nose runs and your feet smell then you are built upside down.
- Wisdom from the 2nd grade.

Voltaire was right about this. The greatest threat in the world is Enthusiasm.

Now if Finsbury can only convince everyone that he is convinced himself that he is a not only a gay, HIV positive socialist aristocrat but in his heart a Pakistani Islamist transgendered gay HIV positive aristocrat then he might take power in a coup as the next Queen of England.

The English call this Brass. Obama called this the Audacity of Hope. In New York we call it Chutzpah.

The logical results of a policy in which people are assigned consumption credits by head count and face confiscatory taxation for consumption of earned income above the authorized level will be threefold.
1. Artificially increasing the reported number of consumers per household.
    So what if Grandma is dead?
    Hide her in the attic and keep collecting that Social Security check and
    those Carbon Credits.
2. If you are poor breed like rabbits.
3. More income will be moved off the books, to impede taxation at that end,
    and consumption will also move into the inefficient cash or barter
    grey market to impede accounting at that end.

The predictable government response to fraud and evasion will be
    increased coercion from Revenue Agents, enforced contraception and
    abortion, and intrusive home "Health Care" to verify and deal with

The parts of the Obamist jig-saw puzzle fit together.

Just because, Frank and Bing in High Society, Well Did You Evah?.

I did a Google™ search on "follow al gore's travels track temperature."
No one site popped up, which surprised me, but there seems to be a cottage industry in tracing the Worldly One's (he is almost larger at the equator than the poles) movements and noting that snowstorms follow his path. Gore could make serious money as a Rain or at least a Snow Maker. We could send him to Libya and make the desert bloom.

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