Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Homogenized, sterilized and pasteurized"

Once again Yes Minister has proven to be way ahead of all of us. Clearly Sir Humphrey would be very disappointed in the leadership at the CRU. He would probably pack them all off to the War Graves Commission or Vehicle Licensing Centre Swansea.

From the episode "The Skeleton in the Closet," which aired November 25th, 1982.
This file contains the complete set of available papers except for:
(a)    a small number of secret documents
(b)    a few documents which are part of
        still active files
(c)    some correspondence lost in the floods
        of 1967
(d)    some records which went astray in the
        move to London
(e)    other records which went astray when the
        War Office was incorporated into the
        Ministry of Defence
(f)    the normal withdrawal of papers whose
        publication could give grounds for an
        action for libel or breach of confidence
        or cause embarrassment to friendly governments.

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