Thursday, November 05, 2009

Comment on PJM, Annie Jacobsen
"Federal Air Marshal on Trial for Rape in UK"

It stresses my ability to accept the implications of what Annie Jacobsen implies about conduct of the accused Air Marshall that she also implies that it was misconduct on the part of the 4 officers who remained in the bar because they allowed the woman to be escorted to her room by two law enforcement officers. What more protection would Ms Jacobsen believe to be needed, an escort by the Brigade of Guards? Whether the officer who accompanied the young woman with the accused and then departed did anything wrong by not ensuring that his colleague did not return later is possible but unlikely. Certainly I would hope that proving such in the absence of any evidence that he was part of some conspiracy should be very hard.

When joined with the Italian judgement in the renditions case this could be seen as an act of lawfare against American efforts to defend itself in the War on Terror.

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