Monday, November 16, 2009

On A Breath of Hot Air

(fm the BC thread "High Society")

To repeat, while anyone should be welcome to add to the conversation and challenge prejudices with facts, we need to know when we are being played and stop cooperating. It was obvious by the 3rd iteration that we were being trolled. The false claim of conservatism, the reams of cut and paste references, the threatening demands for credentials, the concurrent claim of modest amateur standing, the ridiculing of opposing data while at the same time comparing it to other data that does not meet the standards demanded from Doubters. The effort to steer the conversation to a reliance on the most technical and abstruse equations and terminology, despite the inconsistency of such a position with the claimed amateur standing. The refusal to engage appropriate citations by other commentators of prior fraudulent abuses of science by alarmists seeking power. The determination to ignore any mention or concern about the corrupt background, dangerous totalitarian associations, and unethical business practices of those promoting this theory. All these were readily obvious and justified my observation that we should have told the polemicist, or shill if you will, to hire his own hall and post a link to it for any that care to consider his clippings.

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