Friday, November 13, 2009

More Signals

(fm the BC thread "The politics of detection")

buddy larsen,
(who wrote of the Luby's shooting in Texas)
When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
That is partly why I believe in universal military training after the 17th birthday. Widely distributed Homeland Security and Disaster Response training should be a primary task carried out through local armories and community colleges, which should all have a National Guard/militia affiliation. A well trained and armed citizenry should be the bedrock of our security.

Someone had posted on The Club links about the sewer in Baltimore that Pelosi came from. She has property out on Long Island also. These people are like kudzu, they spread tendrils if you blink.

Speaking of which Theo Spark's spud farm has several references to Ms Two Heartbeats from the Presidency today. My favorite is this one.

(who suggested carrying around Spengler's Decline of the West)
Go for the Star Trek market. Walk around carrying Cities in Flight by James Blish instead.

(who worries about multiple attacks)
Because the construction industry is so dependent on illegal alien labor I am very concerned about a Beslan style attack happening here. The Chechens stored their weapons in spaces they built into the school while they worked on the building crew. The government should work with the unions to see to it that construction workers are screened and sites are inspected. Civil Libertarians will fight it and most fiscal conservatives are very leery of empowering the people who profit from Davis-Bacon. Oddly enough that law is named for two Republicans and was signed by Herbert Hoover.

Ernie G,
(who notes that no UCMJ Article is titled "Treason")
The troops are watching. When prosecuting an officer for misconduct it is important for the good order and discipline of the Service to throw the book at him.

Articles that I would charge Hasan with include:
Art. 81 Conspiracy (his contacts with al-Qaeada) *
Art. 82 Solicitation (his counseling sessions to troops)
Art. 90 Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer *
Art. 93 Cruelty and maltreatment (covers harm caused to subordinates)
Art. 94 Mutiny or sedition *
Art. 99 Misbehavior before the enemy *
Art. 104 Aiding the enemy (his contacts with al-Qaeda) *
Art. 106a Espionage (refers to treason at sub (c) (1)) *
Art. 116 Riot or breach of peace
Art. 118 Murder *
Art. 119a Death or injury of an unborn child
Art. 128 Assault
Art. 133 Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman
Art. 134 General article.

Those Articles marked with an asterisk (*) may carry the death penalty.

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