Monday, November 09, 2009

On Gödel and God

(fm the BC thread "Frame")

Bob Murphy and Charles,
Gödel’s Theorem relates to my interest in the flawed nature of God as portrayed by Islam and how it differs from the Jewish concept. In Islam everything there is to know was comprehended by a human being and was set down as understood by him or was demonstrated by his example. Nothing more is to be learned and nothing can be changed. Full Stop. In Judaism, and Christianity and every other faith system that I know of, God is by definition beyond the comprehension of the bounded human system.

We can comprehend principles and rules for guiding our life but can never be so arrogant as to think that we can bind that which is greater. There may be other answers or future answers to be revealed to other people. In Judaism that is partly expressed in the belief that while Jews have a true revelation and an obligation to act ethically as witnesses before the nations they do not deny that God can speak to others each in their own way. That makes it reasonable that Jews are reluctant to proselytize. For even if others are by some standard in error they are also part of a greater plan, bringing part of infinite complexity and wisdom into the world. Who would be so arrogant as to tell God that he is doing it wrong?

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