Thursday, November 12, 2009

Under, Absent and Over Men

*fm the BC thread "A writing exercise")

Didn't we just go over repel borders (trolls) procedures?
Dime will get you a donut we have a visitor from LGF.

Fred Beloit,
#75 “What about Iran and North Korea?”

The President votes PRESENT.
Permit me to correct that for you.

The pResident votes ABSENT.

Re: Nietzche is peachy. He is like Wagner's music that Mark Twain pointed out was "better than it sounds." He wasn't as crazy as he is described, until he was. On the other hand wannabe Superdoopermenschen like Leopold and Loeb were nuts. Depression is an illness and suicide is a sin and a loss. Don't blame the writer for the folly of those who follow. He had some merit. Like the understated English Cleric said when asked if the odd smelling egg he was eating was any good, "Parts of it are excellent."

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