Thursday, November 05, 2009

Evidence of Insanity

(fm the BC thread "Disruption")

I’m not sure why, but my first thought about the Fort Hood shootings was the treachery of Afghan policemen – turning on both American and British troops in the last week.

Karadzic wasn't the only psychiatrist to turn murderous. There is something in the training process that promotes the objectification of people to a greater extent even than shown by surgeons, and most of surgeons I met during a student job at the hospitals struck me as egomaniacal jerks.

IIRC the Intifada began with Palestinian policemen turning the guns the Israelis had given them on the Israelis who they were on joint patrol with. The British and some Americans responded by insisting that what was needed was more training for the Fatah security services and more "cooperation" from Israel. Since that has worked so well I am sure the same people have plans to train and equip the "moderates of Hamas."

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