Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Literature and Sin

(fm the BC thread "Above all gods")

It bemuses me to realize that I am old enough to have studied literature in my Humanities classes. For my freshman Common Core Introduction to the Humanities class at Chicago I had kindly old Professor Merlin Bowen go over Moby Dick with about 20 of us, and we dug in and found meaning in every word on every page. There was no time or reason for charting Conflicts or Schools. There was a text. That was 15 years after Susan Sontag had left campus to act out her shallow indulgences before the world. A friend gave me Postmodern Pooh, the sequel to The Pooh Perplex. You can't make this stuff up but people do and mean it seriously. What is more amazing is that they churn out this stuff for real, and get paid for it.

(who linked to Tolkein's Mythopoeia)
Thank you for the poem. I may not share your faith but it makes me want to chase any single women in your family.

(Who rounded up 7 Deadly Sins that inspire the Left)
The way to study the list I recommend is with Stanley Donen's Bedazzled.

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