Thursday, November 19, 2009


(fm the BC thread "Green eggs and ham")

There is an alternative to the regulated insurance based model. It is called doing what has worked. It relies on three (you can count on me) factors.
1. A healthy American economy that produces sufficient wealth to pay for
    services for the indigent.
2. An economic, legal and regulatory system that encourages private
    initiative, risk taking and the development of new procedures and
3. A culture rooted in the essential goodness of the American people and a
    legal system that does not discourage their natural generosity.

These three conditions produced a system that created vast wealth, raised living standards and encouraged charity sufficient to care for any who were unable to care for themselves. Americans are incredibly generous and take care of both their own and anyone in need. By comparison the Europeans we are being urged to emulate are cheap skinflints who would allow their own grandparents to die in an attic rather than interrupt a Summer vacation, and then complain that the government hadn't done something about it.

Charity works. The government is determined to destroy it.

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