Saturday, November 14, 2009

Comment on Ace of Spades HQ
"Obama Bows to Royalty, But Won't
Put His Hand On His Heart for
the National Anthem"

His hosts must be embarrassed. Old school aristocrats like the Japanese and English royals know exactly how everyone is supposed to behave and how to treat everyone so business can be conducted with minimum friction. That is the point of etiquette. That and keeping your sleeves out of the food. In fact true nobility are unaffected. Being completely secure in their own self esteem they treat everyone else with perfect equality and courtesy. A large part of that is not creating any unnecessary surprises.

Obama is a parvenue snob. He is a pretentious fraud trying to impress people with his studied displays designed to one up the genuine American aristocrat, Prescott Bush's grandson, that he replaced. He probably spent an hour before the mirror practicing his salute for the photo-op at Dover.

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