Friday, November 06, 2009

"Thaksin on a mission to humiliate Thai government"

There is evidence for those who need it that the world does not stop while we navel gaze.
Britain, Germany and other countries have barred Thaksin, but there were no shortage of others willing to accept his investment offers and hand over new passports, including Nicaragua and Montenegro.

Thaksin posts photos of his travels on Facebook. Recent snapshots show him golfing in Brunei and Dubai, inspecting diamond mines in South Africa, sipping coffee in a private jet and meeting prime ministers or presidents on trips to Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and the Maldives.

Investment in diamond and gold sectors have led Thaksin to Liberia, Uganda and Swaziland,
This could be serious, from the list of his sponsors and his present dealing with Hun Sen in Cambodia I suspect a Chinese connection. The thought of China getting control over Thailand and a choke hold on the sea lanes while America sleeps must be of grave concern to Japan.

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