Thursday, November 12, 2009

Purge on All Fronts

Follow this link from Instapundit.

It does look like the Democrats are moving to purge Republicans from the Civil Service by identifying former political appointees who converted to the Civil Service, preventing them from being promoted or transferred, and then once they are isolated and dead in their careers getting them scrubbed out of the system. They intend to identify former staffers going back 5 years. How very Alinskyite. Turnabout will be fair play.

The Republicans should announce that when they regain power all acts done under the Obama regime will be repudiated. That will destroy the market value of any assets corruptly aquiered by partisans of BHO. Specifically the theft of the auto companies will be reversed and anyone who climbed on for the ride with Government Motors will be left holding a bag.

Congress can reset the size of the SCOTUS and pass rules for the Judiciary. If necessary they can play hardball and purge out the Democrats.

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