Saturday, November 14, 2009

Of M.I.C.E. and Moles

(fm the BC thread "Kilcullen vs Sullivan")

(listing KGB recruitment target identifiers)
M.I.C.E. Money, Ideology, Compromise or Coercion (depending on source), and Ego”. Did Billl fit..dah
Regarding Clinton, how do you blackmail someone who is shameless? He might be rented but could he be bought? Is there evidence he really has ideological fire inside? Does he believe in anything or is the biggest difference between him and Obama the fact that Bubba is smarter, more flexible, and better able to work with others? Maybe that is why he exploded with anger during the campaign. Maybe he is in fact less ideological than Obama. Agreed he sold out to China and has been collecting from everyone ever since but I suspect that while he knows the Socialist tropes and can recite theme to applause he sees through them better than most. Reports are that he has contempt for believers and frauds like Gore.

Re Hillary it is the other extreme. The factors fit to well to work. She is like Angela Lansbury in the Manchurian Candidate. Her ego is to big to control.

With Clinton my technical question always was; Bought or rented? With Obama the question is; Owned by who?

(who noted prosecutor Preet Bharara comes from Schumer's office)
"He has never lost an election, and has never held a job outside of politics," the wiki on Chuck Schumer.

When he first ran for the Senate I heard that he walked into Wall Street board rooms and said, "Cough it up." Another gift to America from the Harvard Law School, along with Obama and Eliot Spitzer, his single minded ambition and ruthlessness either triggered or enabled the subprime crisis.

Rudy Giuliani is clear minded, plain spoken and correct, about why the civilian trial in New York is a bad idea.

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