Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Homeland Security Commissioned Officer Corps

(from the BC thread "Past and future")

Cannoneer no. 4,
The risk of untrained vigilantes from either the left or the right is real. The 2nd Amendment does not exist to enable such organizations but those who oppose it will use such groups as fodder to attack the right to bear arms. There is a need for trained militias and locally based Sheriff/Police Auxiliaries.

My hope was that Homeland Security would become the venue for community based training in civil defense and disaster survival through a widely distributed Armory and Community College system. If retired and reserve military were offered modest pay for part time work and the opportunity to accumulate additional retirement points there could be a cadre of professional veterans raised who would be subject to discipline and aware of the constitutional issues involved. A Homeland Security Commissioned Officer Corps could also serve as an Inspectorate providing oversight to DHS agents (ICE, CBP and TSA) of the Federal government who interact with local civilians.

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