Thursday, November 19, 2009

Other than that Mrs Lincoln ...?

(fm the BC thread "Green eggs and ham")

"... you look damn near beaten!"
Pretty much feel that way too.

Be of good cheer. It may not be Reagan's "Morning in America" but it is Spring in Oz.

Multitasking is hard but I could do with more of it. Not only am I out of work, and concerned about my eyesight, but today the State Unemployment sent me a drop dead letter. They determined that the part time temporary political work I did for the Bloomberg campaign did not pay me enough over a long enough period to qualify me for benefits. If I had simply extended my prior unemployment rather than taken the work I would have received thousands of dollars more. Now they canceled my old claim, disallowed my new one, and leave me with nothing.
Lord Acton,
(who compared the overreaching Democrats to Paulus' XVI Army)
Great Galloping Ghost of Godwin's Law! You are right of course.
The Greeks said it best, ὕβρις.

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Robohobo said...

LOTM - Do us ignorant fools a favor and us parens with the translation. Please. Had to go to babelfish to translate and get ὕβρις = hubris, which is what I surmised, but.....