Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"So sue me"

1. This is the same Eric Holder who ordered the New Black Panthers, who had plead guilty, to walk after the most blatant case of recorded voter intimidation in 40 years.

2. This is the same Eric Holder that ordered KSM to stand trial in NY, along with 4 other senior terrorists who had already offered to plead guilty before a military tribunal.

3. The consequence of these charges will be that prisoners will not be taken. If any are taken they can not be subject to battlefield interrogation before being mirandized and turned over to the civilian system.

4. The loss of intelligence information will result in Americans being killed.

5. Junior Officers will have to either attempt to carry out the orders of Senior Officers or will cover up for enlisted members who choose not to take prisoners. The result either way will be a breakdown in discipline. That will also cost lives. If the JO confronts his troops he will do so at considerable peril. If he sides with his troops then the integrity of the Chain of Command is destroyed.

It is almost as if the HuffPo conspiracy fantasists of the extreme Left were disappointed to discover that the US military, especially the Special Forces community, really are a disciplined group of professionals who were highly apolitical in their conduct and devoted to upholding civilian authority. Frustrated at not meeting the fascist cabal they had expected they now are proceeding to provoke the troops so as to justify subjecting them to the radical reforms they anticipated enacting. I wonder if they are getting advice from Chavez on how to do this?

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Pascal Fervor said...

You may not like this, but you surprise me sometimes.

This is from my old website, October 2003. A contributor who identifies himself as a World War II veteran who was in charge of a team of prisoner of war interrogators tells us that today's policy of dealing with cowardly terrorists does not match his experience. That if we are sincerely determined to win the war against terrorism, current policies ought match our no-uncertain determination which won World War II.

Saving Your Skin and Everyone Else's; On sensible anger when dealing with terrorists.

I can direct you to my commentary in reaction to it if you're interested. But I'd rather hear from you first.