Monday, November 01, 2010

Comment on Leo Linbeck III:
YouTube - Sego Strategy

YouTube - Sego Strategy

Good luck with this L3. Obviously you have glossed over a few problems that all grass roots efforts are susceptible to. Essentially you are calling on small government conservatives devoted to transferring power back to the States to duplicate the small local party organizations and primary/caucus capture process that the Left has used to take over the Democratic Party since 1968. Research is needed but I think that at one time a far left faction dreamed of concentrating in one place, possibly Nebraska.

The problem over time will be in maintaining discipline over the local units. Centralized top down control is not only philosophically undemocratic but it leads to bureaucratic closed loop thinking and abuse. Unfortunately open local parties suffer from vices also. They tend to attract crackpots who can be used to embarrass you when the other side does their opposition research. They are also vulnerable to infiltration and subversion. You can start a local movement devoted to pressing for small efficient government but remember that John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford started foundations that they thought would champion their values.

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