Sunday, October 31, 2010

Comment on PJM, Roger L. Simon »
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert:
Are They Pro-Islamofascist or Just Stupid?

Roger L. Simon » Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Are They Pro-Islamofascist or Just Stupid?

Antisemites often ascribe super powers to Jews. They think that Jews are smarter and tougher, more cooperative and more competitive, faster to react and more given to long term planning, more artistic and more practical than other people. All that without having to go into a phone booth and change into fancy underwear with a cape. Which is good because there no longer are phone booths. Jon Stewart serves the valuable function of proving that members of the tribe can be just as opportunistic and short sighted as everyone else.

Stewart is a clown but not a funny one. Laugh at him but not with him. Do not let the cloak of comedy cover his real offenses. For his association with hate mongers and bigots like Yusuf Islam and Hamas he should be coldly confronted. When he attempts to weasel out with a smile respond with a firm refusal to play his game and return to the facts. Yesterday conservatives were gushing in Twitter over his line "We can have animus, and not be enemies." It works just as well reversed into "We can be enemies and not have animus." That is a simple test that his argument was vapid. If Jon Stewart spoke up for both apple and cherry pie, kittens and puppies, the MSM would hail him as a unifier.

Stewart brings no content to his discourse. His emotions are shallow and no basis for establishing policy. He offers his admirers nothing but a sense of entitlement and hostility to their proximate authority figures who demand personal responsibility and productivity. His politics amounts to attacking those his followers resent, their parents, religion, bosses and America, while exculpating or supporting the more distant and probably more dangerous authority of the organs of a bureaucratic government. He toys with representatives from distant and genuinely oppressive cultures secure in the belief that they could never threaten him. All the while those real malevolent threats wait off stage and watch.

Stephen Colbert on the other hand is simply a public idiot and should be treated with open contempt. Maybe the Democrats will try to get him into the US Senate.

There is a hierarchy of the left wing commentator comics. Stewart is probably the most functional. Colbert does function as his shadow. The idea that anyone as vulgar as Al Franken could be in the Senate, based on nothing more than his Harvard degree and the reluctance of sane people to soil themselves by confronting him, is so traumatizing that it is hard to respond to. That is an example of the "audacity" that Obama also used to advance himself. The worst of the lot is the odious Keith Olberman, who was not part of the Rally to Restore Sanity/or Fear. Unlike Obama the other four, Stewart, Colbert, Franken and Olberman have held what can be considered jobs. It is unlikely that Obama could hold down a comedy show after he leaves Washington. Maybe he can find an empty seat on Parker/Spitzer.

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