Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comment on Pal2pal:
Obama Meltsdown and Lies Over 3 Minutes of Heckling (Video) Wow, just Wow!


George W Bush and Bill Clinton worked together closely on the Global AIDS initiative. By attempting to steal or denigrate 43 on this 44 crosses 42. Do the math. Obama is now underwater and sinking. Bill Clinton went on his rewarding Hillary supporters tour and Hillary is out of town. The maneuvers and marshaling of forces in the next six months will resemble Europe in 1810-15 or America in 1861. We can only hope that the bloodshed will be confined to the the symbolic of domestic political careers. Unfortunately there is a strong linkage to international actors; Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Latin and Arab, who think of real armies moving across more than a chessboard and who are hazy about that post French Revolution Western concept of confining political terminations to the results of a ballot box and a lucrative pension with a golf club membership attached. Just who is Hillary talking to on this trip?

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