Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comment on The New York Sun:
Our Prediction on NPR

Our Prediction on NPR - October 23, 2010 - The New York Sun

Excellent connection to the Brooklyn Museum episode. That still rankles because of the unbridled arrogance of those who feel entitled to taxpayer subsidies. The financing of PBS/NPR is more corrupt than that used in Hollywood to rob screenwriters, as exposed by Art Buchwald. Here is a heuristic, instead of thinking of the product as video or audio produced on DVD for broadcast think of it as low income housing. PBS takes tax payer dollars and sends it to outside contractors who produce the content. The inflated salaries of the executives in these quasi government agencies are paid from the donations, called Members Fees, of the viewing/listening public. Think of the product as being the same as the substandard concrete poured into a public housing project by a friend of the government appointed housing administration, with the advantage that the higher income target audience voluntarily send in tax deductable charity contributions. This entire system is overdue for a public airing.

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