Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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BrothersJudd Blog: OH REALLY?:

Rove was having fun and that is hard to argue with. More important he has conducted himself well in conducting a very tricky maneuver, the retreat from an exposed position while under fire. He supported Castle, that was the safe simply professional thing for an outside consultant to do. He probably believes that his choice would have been best for the greater victory of the Republican Party and the achievement of conservative goals that he thinks he shares with most members of the Tea Party movement. He may have been wrong about O'Donnell but he did not have to be dishonorable in his choice. Now he faces another choice. He can sit the election out and sulk figuring that the Republicans who rejected his advice will crash and his prestige and influence will rise after the election. He can apologize profusely and grovel before the O'Donnell supporters. He can acknowledge the strength of the movement he underestimated and offer the best advice he can to those who will listen. He has chosen the third path and it does not speak badly for him. If he had beaten his chest and endorsed Christine O'Donnell as the best thing since sliced bread then his reputation would have suffered. As it is he can say that he recognizes her political liabilities, which does not mean that he attacks her as unworthy of the office, while still supporting the victory of the Republican Party and pointing out that the Democrats are worse.

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