Sunday, October 17, 2010

Media Matters Tea Party

Today at the New NY Times building, the financing of the construction by Forest City Rattner is a story in itself, and then at the 30 Rock headquarters of NBC News there was a rally sponsored jointly by Brent Bozell's Media Matters and by TeaParty365.

At The Times, 8th Ave.

The police were friendly and supportive, they appreciated that the demonstrators were cooperative and cleaned up after themselves. There was a fair amount of press, mostly Journalism students or special interest freelancers but CBS sent over an actual crew and reporter.

At NBC News, 49th St.

Between the two locations we walked past the Newscorp (Fox) headquarters on Sixth Ave. There was a demonstration there by ANSWER (Hamas) that I did not linger to photograph. It was not large but was not contained within barricades as the Tea Party demonstration with a police permit was. The police at the Fox demonstration did not look happy.

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