Thursday, October 28, 2010

Comment on Virginia Postrel, Facebook |
is surprised that...

Facebook | is surprised that so many smart people have written so many column inches, pro and con, about the anti-elitism sweeping through American politics right now without ever using the words "Andrew Jackson."

The American History secondary school curriculum follows;
Colonialism-bad, Slavery-bad, Greedy Business-bad, Revolution leaders-flawed, Slavery-more bad, Mexican War-bad, Civil War-good, Industrial Revolution-bad, Indian Wars-bad, Unions-good, Spanish War-bad, Panama Canal-bad, Wilson WW-I-good, Treaty of Versailles and rejection-both bad, Greedy Capitalists-more bad, FDR New Deal WW-II-good, 1950s oppression of womyn artists & youth-bad, Vietnam-bad, 1960s art & culture-good, Nixon-bad, Bush(s)-bad, Obama-Redemption. Did I leave anything out?

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