Thursday, October 14, 2010

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And After All They’ve Done for Him

Ed Driscoll » And After All They’ve Done for Him

What makes this story of Obama whining about the Media interesting is the thought of Obama complaining about superficiality. We are reaching the point where TV personalities and TV candidates lack the attention span needed to stay on topic for a half hour interview. Eight or nine years ago I was talking to a young lady who was a Producer for MTV. She was complaining that their audience no longer had the attention span to focus on a three minute video clip. Those are the people who voted for Barak Obama and whose support in the Media he relied upon.

The content free man was elevated by a content free campaign. Compare how either George Bush and John McCain could be expected to react to a Bond film to what we would expect from Barry Obama. Either of the first two gentlemen recognize the traditional themes of Good versus Evil and Individual Ingenuity versus Organized Subjugation and permit themselves a smile at the toys and jokes and illegalities portrayed. Both would look at them and say to a companion, "Can't do that. Can we?" Both of them would know that in their youths they played the Bond role as their country offered it to them, alternately risking their lives in primitive aircraft and playing the charming guest to the ladies. Both could wear a dinner jacket and make small talk because they were trained in their youths to carry themselves properly in a uniform and make other people comfortable. The movie's superficialities would barely have to cross their minds, "Been there, done that." Obama was offered an opportunity in his childhood to learn those lessons but he lost them. That was partly due to his family's Marxist pretensions and partly due to his own odyssey of drugs and alienation. If Obama saw a Bond film I think that he would be looking at the clothes and thinking "I can do that." The Gentleman is secure in himself and therefore can be Other Directed. The alienated fraud remains Inner Directed.

Compare Obama to Colin Powell, a man who I have criticized regarding his politics and business affairs. The later grew up with fewer opportunities and privileges but he unlike the former would be secure in the knowledge that he knew how to wear a tuxedo. Powell is the genuine Gentleman and Obama is a Parvenu. Powell would remain focused on the villian's gun and not their shoes, unless he was dealing with Rosa Kleb.

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